In the Mouth of Madness

Witness firsthand a tormented mind entering a psychotic break.  Is recovery possible?  Or will the psychosis prevail?


Reduce-Reuse-Recycle are the three concepts in this original representation of how we can make our Earth last much longer by taking care of it.  All band members will have the chance to play a non-conventional percussive instrument to create interesting timbres.

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The two extremes within the color spectrum are white and black.  Discover and enjoy the complexity of the journey from a blank canvas to a total spectrum of color.

God of War

Follow the experiences of a soldier in the midst battle.  Empathize as he is subjected to fear, pride, exhaustion, and sorrow.  Will the soldier survive the challenges of the threat of defeat? 

The Fall of Man

A fresh interpretation of the classic story of

Adam & Eve.  This arrangement follows the presence of evil and how it tries to encompass the minds of innocence.

Follow the struggles, pains and triumphs of the students as they progress from class to class in their attempt to be accepted for who they are.

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sfz  Music Group

The New DYNAMIC in Competition Music

Marching Band Shows

Tragic Kingdom

In the height of a thriving civilization, a mighty kingdom possesses absolute power, only to find that its dominance is tested by a threat on the horizon. 


Take your audience on a journey through a murder mystery.  While the performers reveal certain "clues" throughout the show, Elgar's Enigma Variations is quoted and provides an amazing backing to the classic family game.

Swift As A Shadow...

Occurring in the hours after midnight, this arrangement depicts an out of control gathering of the shadows inspired by and narrated using Shakespeare's words.  

End of Days

How would you spend the next 3 days if you knew the end of the world is an absolute?  You'll be drawn into the drama of how most humans would react in this musical depiction of the apocalypse. 


Travel through one woman's road of transformation as she becomes a better version of herself.  Follow along as she discovers how to leave her old life behind in favor of what lies ahead. 

Yuletide Fantasy

May the light of the sun shine on your family this yule season as you revisit those warm holiday melodies we all know so well!


Be transported back to ancient Egypt to witness how Anubis guided individuals across the threshold from world of the living to the afterlife.